Ferrosilicon For Sale | 15% Off Discount

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  • Feb 13, 2023
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Ferrosilicon For Sale

This is exciting news, you will get up to 15% discount per ton for buying ferrosilicon from FS Metal, a ferrosilicon manufacturer with decades of experience in ferrosilicon production, with customers all over the world, 85% of them are from steel mills and foundries, they provide quality products and services to customers who need ferrosilicon.

Best Offer Ever

This year, FS Metal is celebrating its 20th anniversary, so we decided that in order to give back to our new and existing customers, we plan to offer our customers a 15% discount per ton, which is very exciting news for our customers, this allows customers can to buy our better ferrosilicon products at a lower price.

What Is The Ferrosilicon For Sale?

Product Advantages

  • High Purity

  • Customized

  • Good Effect

  • Value For Money

  • Wide Application

Ferrosilicon Applications

  1. Reduces the oxygen content of the steel molten.

  2. Reduces the number of oxides in the steel molten.

  3. Improves the form of inclusions in the steel molten.

  4. Make the impurities in the steel molten floating on the surface of the steel easy to clean.

  5. Improves the purity of the steel molten.

  6. Improves the flowability of the molten iron during casting.

  7. Improves the toughness and cutting properties of castings.

  8. Promote the breeding effect in the casting process.

Ferrosilicon Applications

About Ferrosilicon Samplesr

We provide free samples of ferrosilicon for users, in order to get the samples faster, before that, you need to prepare the specifications of the required samples and tell us, you can leave a message by email at info@fesi.top or through the form at the bottom, we will arrange customer service to communicate with you about the matter as soon as possible.

Packaging Method & Delivery Time

Packaging Method: Jumbo bag or customized according to customer requirements.

Delivery Time: 7-28 days.