Ferrosilicon 65

  • Brand Name: FS Metal

  • Place of Origin: Henan, China

  • Shape: Lump, Grain, Powder, Brequette

  • Chemical Composition: Si, Fe, Mn, Al, C, P, S

  • Size: 0mm~10mm, 10mm~50mm, 50mm~100mm, 100mm~200mm

  • Purity: Si≥65%

  • Package: Ton bag or customized according to customer requirements

  • Applications: Steel Making, Casting, Deoxidizer, Reducing Agent, Alloying Agent, Nodulizer

  • Price(USD): 1364 ~ 1457

Ferrosilicon 65 has at least 65% of elemental silicon, which allows it to be used in industries that have strict requirements for silicon. Freshly produced Ferro Silicon 65 is not the shape and size we see, but rather a complete chunk, which is broken into evenly sized pieces by ferrosilicon manufacturers in order to make it easier to package and use. Since the price of ferrosilicon 65 is lower compared to the price of higher silicon content ferrosilicon, it is widely used in common steel-making and casting processes, which has the advantages of being economical, improving production efficiency, effectively improving product quality and reducing production costs for companies.

What Is Ferrosilicon 65?

Ferrosilicon 65 consists of Si, Fe, Ca, C, Al, S, P, etc element, with Si ≥ 65%, Fe ≤ 2.5, and the rest trace elements. Ferrosilicon 65 is currently the most widely used additive in steelmaking and casting, mainly due to its high elemental silicon content. Quartz stone, carbon, iron scrap and steel scrap are the main raw materials used in the production of ferrosilicon 65. The raw materials are heated by an electric furnace, which melts the raw materials, precipitates silicon from the quartz stone using a carbon reducing agent, and reacts chemically with other elements to produce the primary ferrosilicon 65.

In order to facilitate the user's use and storage, the freshly produced ferrosilicon 65 needs to be crushed and its size will be processed according to the user's requirements. Of course, there are some customers who do not have special requirements on the size of ferrosilicon 65, so the manufacturer will make the corresponding standard size, process and crush it, and then pass through the sieve to ensure that ferrosilicon 65 has a uniform size. Usually the shape of processed ferrosilicon 65 is mainly lump, grain, powder, by collecting the broken pieces produced during crushing, and grinding them into powder, through the ratio, to make better cost-effective ferrosilicon 65 briquette, so as to reduce the loss of ferrosilicon 65 produced during processing, in order to save manufacturers' costs and improve efficiency.

Ferrosilicon 65 Specifications

ModelChemical Composition (%)
Ferrosilicon 6565.0-72.0≤0.6≤2.5——≤0.04≤0.02

Ferrosilicon 65 Applications

  1. Reduces the oxygen content of the steel molten.

  2. Reduces the number of oxides in the steel molten.

  3. Improves the form of inclusions in the steel molten.

  4. Make the impurities in the steel molten floating on the surface of the steel easy to clean.

  5. Improves the purity of the steel molten.

  6. Improves the flowability of the molten iron during casting.

  7. Improves the toughness and cutting properties of castings.

  8. Promote the breeding effect in the casting process.

Ferrosilicon 65 Applications

Ferrosilicon 65 Advantages

  1. Improves steel fluids purity.

  2. Effectively reduces oxygen in the steel fluids.

  3. Reduces oxide generation.

  4. Improves steel fluids flow properties.

  5. Has a thermal insulation effect.

  6. Reduces impurities in the steel fluids.

  7. Improves the toughness and cutting properties of steel fluids.

Packaging Method & Delivery Time

Packaging Method: Jumbo bag or customized according to customer requirements

Delivery Time: 7-28 days.

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