HP (High Purity) Ferrosilicon

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  • Feb 25, 2023
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Through strict screening of raw materials and a complex ferrosilicon production process, FS Metal produces HP (high purity) ferrosilicon with lower impurities, including Si ≥ 75% and Fe ≤ 25%, which has a more excellent use effect.

FS Metal is a manufacturer that always pays attention to the quality of ferrosilicon and has 20 years of experience in ferrosilicon production. By using high-quality quartzite, lang charcoal, and steel shavings as raw materials, the iron in ferrosilicon is effectively controlled to less than 25%, so that the ferrosilicon produced, can be used to the best effect in the process. At the same time, FS Metal also provides users with professional technical guidance on its use. High purity ferrosilicon products and professional technical services have made FS Metal widely acclaimed among customers as the best ferrosilicon supplier!

HP (High Purity) Ferrosilicon

Specifications For High Purity Ferrosilicon

ModelChemical Composition (%)
FeSi7072.0 ≤2.0≤0.2≤0.04≤0.02

Advantages Of High Purity Ferrosilicon

Advantages Of High Purity Ferrosilicon

Oxygen in steel making has a major impact on the quality of steel and therefore needs to be effectively reduced in the molten steel. The advantage of high purity ferrosilicon is that the use of ferrosilicon for steelmaking can significantly reduce the oxygen content, reduce the formation of oxides, significantly increase the purity of the molten steel and improve the quality of the steel. High purity ferrosilicon is rich in silicon, which has a wide range of silicon used in steel, not only to reduce the oxygen content but also to improve the flow properties of the molten iron and improve the form of inclusions so that impurities float on the surface of the molten steel and are thus easy to clean.

Things To Do Before You Buy High Purity Ferrosilicon

Before buying high purity ferrosilicon you need to do some preparatory work so that the seller can better recommend the correct grades of ferrosilicon for you. Usually, this takes a little time, after a fine measurement of the process, to tell the seller the specifications of the ferrosilicon you need, which can significantly reduce the number of problems that arise when buying ferrosilicon, saving time and simplifying the transaction process. At the same time, before you buy, you have to ask the ferrosilicon manufacturer for ferrosilicon samples for testing and laboratory tests, thus reducing the risk of procurement.

Packaging Method & Delivery Time

Packaging Method & Delivery Time Of Ferrosilicon

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