Professional Ferrosilicon Sourcing Plans

Some users do not know much about ferrosilicon at the time of sourcing, so they have many problems when sourcing, they do not know what type of ferrosilicon to buy or how to select ferrosilicon. We take into account the problems of these users and provide them with professional sourcing plans, thus easing the difficulty when sourcing ferrosilicon.

Before contacting us, please prepare the following information so that we can provide you with a more reasonable sourcing plan.

  1. What are you buying ferrosilicon for?

  2. What are the specifications of ferrosilicon you need?

  3. What is your acceptable payment method?

  4. Where do you need us to ship the ferrosilicon to?

  5. Other details and requirements.

Through the above questions, we can better understand your needs and will provide you with a suggested sourcing plan in conjunction with the current preferential policies to save you more on sourcing costs. Of course, if you are relatively more familiar with ferrosilicon and your production process, you can get in touch with our customer service for a more in-depth understanding and use of our products.

You can contact us via the form below or you can send an email to and our staff will get back to you as soon as possible.