Iron In Ferrosilicon

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  • Feb 9, 2023
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Ferrosilicon is an alloy product of silicon and iron, so Si and Fe are the main elements that makeup ferrosilicon. In order to distinguish different grades of ferrosilicon, the staff will differentiate based on the percentage of Si in ferrosilicon, and the common grades of ferrosilicon are 75%, 72%, 65%, 45%, etc.

Sources Of Iron In Ferrosilicon

Steel chips are the main source of iron in ferrosilicon. In order to ensure the quality of ferrosilicon, it is required that ordinary carbon steel chips must be used as raw material instead of alloy steel chips. Pig iron chips are also not suitable for ferrosilicon production because they contain high levels of phosphorus. Learn more about Ferrosilicon Production Process

Method Of Measuring Iron In Ferrosilicon

Potassium dichromate titration is an important method for analyzing the percentage of iron in ferrosilicon commonly used in the redox reaction method. First, the iron in ferrosilicon needs to be dissolved and then titrated using potassium dichromate, the results of which are more accurate. The common reagents used to reduce iron in ferrosilicon are hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, perchloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, sulfuric acid, and phosphoric acid. First, you need to weigh about 0.3g of ferrosilicon specimen, put it in a platinum crucible, add 15ml of nitric acid, and slowly drop 5ml of hydrofluoric acid, wait for the violent reaction effect, put it on an electric heating plate to dissolve the ferrosilicon specimen, and add 5ml of perchloric acid, continue to heat and evaporate and then cool. Add 20ml hydrochloric acid to heat and dissolve, with dissolution completely, transfer the ferrosilicon solution to a 250ml conical flask with a small amount of water, and drop in stannous chloride solution, the solution will appear light yellow, after that, blow the wall of the cup with a small amount of hot water, drop in 15 drops of sodium tungstate solution, drop in titanium trichloride solution under constant shaking until the ferrosilicon solution appears blue, add potassium dichromate until the blue disappears.

Percentage Of Iron In Ferrosilicon

In order to test the percentage of iron in ferrosilicon more precisely, we conducted 12 tests and the assay results showed that the percentage of iron in ferrosilicon was between 23.70% and 23.76%.