Ferrosilicon For Steel Making

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  • Feb 23, 2023
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Ferrosilicon For Steel Making

Look no further for ferrosilicon for steelmaking, buy all your related ferrosilicon for steelmaking from FS Metal, an excellent ferrosilicon manufacturer offering quality ferrosilicon products and reliable pre and post-sales services to steel mills worldwide.

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Application Of Ferrosilicon

Deoxidation is an important process in steelmaking and is used to improve the purity of molten steel. The use of ferrosilicon allows for effective deoxidation of the molten steel with the advantages of high speed, stable chemical reaction, and low cost.

In the early stages of steelmaking, large quantities of oxygen are flushed into the furnace to promote furnace temperature, thus acting as a combustion aid and providing a stable high-temperature environment for the raw material. In the later stages, a large amount of unused oxygen is present in the molten steel, producing large amounts of oxides that seriously affect the quality of the steel. Therefore, oxygen in steelmaking needs to be deoxygenated. Ferrosilicon is rich in Si, which can effectively react chemically with the oxygen in the molten steel to produce SiO2 gas, taking away most of the oxygen, and the deoxidation process is stable and safe.
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Ferrosilicon In Steelmaking

Technical aspects and characteristics of Ferrosilicon for steelmaking

Before purchasing any ferrosilicon for steelmaking, you must choose the correct grades of ferrosilicon for the best results.

Common grades of ferrosilicon used in steelmaking are mainly 75%, 72%, and 65%, which can be processed into lumps, powders, grains, and briquettes, depending on the use. High-purity ferrosilicon can show a better deoxidation effect in steelmaking, and at the same time as deoxidation, it can also effectively improve the form of inclusions in the steel so that impurities float on the surface of the molten steel and are easy for staff to clean up.

Let the FS Metal expert team help you choose the best grade of ferrosilicon for your process requirements.

Packaging Method & Delivery Time

Packaging Method: Jumbo bag or customized according to customer requirements

Delivery Time: 7-28 days.

Packaging Method & Delivery Time Of Ferrosilicon

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