Magnetic Properties Of Ferrosilicon

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  • Mar 1, 2023
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Ferrosilicon is an alloy of Si and Fe, and ferrosilicon is magnetic in its own right. Ferrosilicon is rich in Si, which causes an increase in the crystalline complexity of the medium in ferrosilicon, resulting in changes in physical properties and consequent changes in magnetism. In general, the higher the grades of ferrosilicon, the higher its magnetic properties.

Applications Of Ferrosilicon Magnetism

Using the magnetic properties of ferrosilicon, ferrosilicon is widely used in the mineral processing industry. Ferrosilicon powder with magnetic properties is an ideal material for mineral processing, which can effectively separate minerals such as copper ore and diamond ore. Flotation is currently a more common beneficiation method in the mineral processing industry. Because ferrosilicon has magnetic properties, it is easy to be recovered for secondary use after beneficiation, so it effectively reduces the cost of beneficiation and significantly improves the efficiency of beneficiation.

Applications Of Ferrosilicon Magnetism

Detecting The Magnetism Of Ferrosilicon With A Magnet

Since ferrosilicon itself is magnetic, is it possible to detect the magnetism of ferrosilicon with a magnet? The answer is no, because the iron in ferrosilicon exists only in trace amounts, with silicon as the main element, and therefore cannot be detected using a magnet. And, ferrosilicon manufacturers often carefully screen raw materials in order to produce high purity ferrosilicon, as the main source of iron in ferrosilicon, steel chip requirements must use ordinary carbon steel chips. pig iron chips, and alloy steel chips because the high phosphorus content is prohibited for the production of ferrosilicon.