Ferrosilicon Grain

  • Brand Name: FS Metal

  • Place of Origin: Henan, China

  • Shape: Grain, Granule

  • Chemical Composition: Si, Fe, Mn, Al, C, P, S

  • Size: 0mm~10mm, 10mm~50mm

  • Purity: Si≥65%

  • Package: Ton bag or customized according to customer requirements

  • Applications: Steel Making, Casting, Deoxidizer, Reducing Agent, Alloying Agent, Nodulizer

  • Price(USD): 1520 ~ 1890

High-quality ferrosilicon grain has the characteristics of uniform particle size, high content, and low impurities. The use of high-quality ferrosilicon grain can better play its use effect. Ferrosilicon grain is an important furnace additive in steel making and casting, and can be distinguished into different types according to its Si, mainly 75%, 72%, 65%, 45%, etc.

What Is Ferrosilicon Grain?

Ferrosilicon is crushed by the equipment into the same particle size of 1mm~10mm, 10mm~30mm, 30mm~60mm, and processed into ferrosilicon grains after filtering through the sieve. Ferrosilicon grains are rich in silicon, and according to this property, it is widely used in the process of steelmaking deoxidation, and it is also widely used in casting as a good inoculated additive.

To make it easier to distinguish ferrosilicon grains with different silicon content, manufacturers usually use silicon content as the basis for grading ferrosilicon grains. The common grades of ferrosilicon grains are mainly 75%, 72%, 65%, 45%, etc. Many users will have special requirements for elements other than excluded silicon, so manufacturers provide customized production services for users in order to make ferrosilicon grains for more applications in more environments.

Ferrosilicon Grain Specifications

Model No.Chemical Composition(%)

Ferrosilicon Grain Applications

  1. Reduces oxygen in the molten steel.

  2. Reduces oxides and impurities in the molten steel.

  3. Make impurities float on the molten steel surface for easy cleaning.

  4. Effectively improve the purity of the molten steel and reduce the content of impurities.

  5. Reduces harmful elements in the molten steel, such as phosphorus, sulfur and other harmful elements.

  6. Enhances the number of eutectic spheres in cast iron.

  7. Reduce the tendency of white mouth and honeycomb holes in cast iron.

  8. Improving the quality of cast iron.

  9. Improving the graphite distribution pattern of graphite cast iron.

  10. Promote graphitization effect.

Ferrosilicon Grain Applications

Ferrosilicon Grain Advantages

  1. Have better inoculation ability.

  2. Lower content of harmful elements.

  3. Low sulfur & low nitrogen, are more suitable for castings.

  4. High absorption rate and low dosage.

  5. Simple and convenient to use.

  6. High-cost performance, reduce production cost, and improve efficiency.

Packaging Method & Delivery Time

Packaging Method: Jumbo bag or customized according to customer requirements

Delivery Time: 7-28 days.

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