Ferrosilicon Nitride

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  • Feb 28, 2023
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Ferrosilicon nitride is a new type of synthetic raw material, which is produced by using 75-grade ferrosilicon as raw material, using a nitriding process and high-temperature synthesis process.

What Is Ferrosilicon Nitride?

Have you ever seen grayish-white ferrosilicon? The color of ferrosilicon nitride is very different from that of ferrosilicon without the nitriding process. Ferrosilicon without nitriding is mainly black-grey in color, while ferrosilicon nitride is grayish-white. In addition, the physical and chemical indicators of ferrosilicon nitride are also very different from those of ferrosilicon without the nitriding process. The main components are Si3N4, Fe, and Si, and the composition of Si is less than 1%, and Si exists in a dissociative state.

Ferrosilicon Nitride

Ferrosilicon Nitride Specifications

Product NameSiNFeAlC
Ferrosilicon Nitride48-52%30-33%12-18%2.0%max0.2%max
Size: 200mesh  10-50mm
Packing: 1MT big bag

Properties And Advantages Of Ferrosilicon Nitride

Properties And Advantages Of Ferrosilicon Nitride

Due to the high content of Si3N4 in ferrosilicon nitride, therefore it has better refractoriness, corrosion resistance, and thermal shock resistance. Lower thermal expansion and higher mechanical strength and oxidation resistance properties can be obtained in practical use. Due to the low price of ferrosilicon nitride, it is often used as a raw material for refractory materials, high-temperature bonding, and high-temperature structures, and is widely used in the production process of blast furnace casting materials and soaking mud, and favorably reduces production costs.

Application Of Ferrosilicon Nitride

  1. Ferrosilicon nitride is widely used in iron runner castables, magnesium castables, high alumina castables, etc.

  2. Adding ferrosilicon nitride in the artillery mud can be used to block the iron outlet of the blast furnace, which has the advantages of the stable flow rate of ferrofluid, no spattering, and red spot, etc. And it has stronger resistance to scouring and can completely block the iron outlet.

  3. Ferro silicon nitride can be applied to the production of composite refractories, which are widely used in carbon and carbon-free composites.

  4. Ferrosilicon nitride is applied to enhance the strength of steel grades such as silicon steel and HRB400 steel bars.

  5. Ferro silicon nitride is an important additive in cold rolled unidirectional silicon steel sheets, which can effectively enhance the corrosion resistance, thermal shock, and wear resistance of silicon steel sheets.

Application Of Ferrosilicon Nitride

Packaging Method & Delivery Time

Packaging Method & Delivery Time Of Ferrosilicon Nitride

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