Ferrosilicon HS Code

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  • Jan 13, 2023
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Ferrosilicon is the most traded product in the import and export trade, so the HS code (International Convention on Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System) has set a special code for it, namely 72022100.

Is The Ferrosilicon HS Code The Same For Each Country?

Although many countries will use the code as the HS code for ferrosilicon, different countries have slightly different HS codes for ferrosilicon, in general, the first six digits will remain unchanged, and the remaining two are changed by each country according to the situation, China as the world's largest export of ferrosilicon, its ferrosilicon exports account for 72% of the world's exports.

China Ferrosilicon HS Code

HS CodeProducts NameDetailed Information
7202290010FerrosiliconSi:44%~48% MG:6.5%~10%

What Can I Get By The Hs Code Of Ferrosilicon?

The HS code of ferrosilicon allows us to better identify the information of ferrosilicon products with different silicon content, and at the same time, we can know the import and export countries, various tax rates, and units of measurement. By analyzing the HS code of ferrosilicon, we can get more accurate statistics on the import and export volume of ferrosilicon, which is convenient for the customs department of each country.