Delivery Of 65% Ferrosilicon Briquette To Japanese Customer

  • FS Metal
  • Jan 20, 2023
  • Case

On the 16th we received an order from a Japanese customer for 65% ferrosilicon briquettes. The customer requested us to provide quality test results and checked our SGS, BV, and other test reports. As a regular customer who has been buying ferrosilicon alloys products from FS Metal, he trusted our products and services and made an advance payment to us on the same day, and we then informed the production department of our arrange production and delivery as soon as possible.

Ferrosilicon Briquettes

About 65% Ferrosilicon Briquettes

65% ferrosilicon briquettes is an alloy product, mainly containing Si, C, Al, S, and other elements, which can play a good deoxidizing effect in steelmaking, thus reducing the oxygen content in the steel liquid, reducing the generation of oxides and impurities, and improving the quality of steel.

65% ferrosilicon briquettes are mainly used to replace expensive deoxidizers and ferrosilicon, thus reducing the production cost of steelmaking. They are cheap, cost-effective, easy to store and use, and are used in both steelmaking and foundry fields.