Ferro Silicon 75 For Steel Making Has Been Received

  • FS Metal
  • Feb 8, 2023
  • Case

We received an order from a Danish customer on January 20, the other party needs 150 tons of Ferrosilicon 75 for steel making, we analyzed the buyer's requirements for Ferrosilicon 75 and combined with the plant, prioritized the customer's order, today we received news from the customer that the other party has received the goods and started to use them, very satisfied with the quality of the product and looking forward to the next cooperation.

Ferro Silicon 75 For Steel Making

About Ferrosilicon 75 For Steelmaking

Ferrosilicon 75 is a kind of ferrosilicon with Si≥75%, which is widely used in steel making. It can effectively remove the oxygen in molten steel, thus reducing the oxides in the molten steel and improving the inclusions morphology so that the impurities float on the surface of the molten steel, which is easy for the staff to clean, thus improving the molten steel purity. Learn More